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Antelis brings together the complementary skills of expert lawyers to assist companies and local authorities on a daily basis.

9 fields of expertise.
  • Corporate
  • Taxation
  • Labour Law
  • Industry-Innovation
  • Construction Public/private works
  • Environment-Urban planning
  • Media
  • Criminal Law
  • Spain
Gérard Albertolli

Gérard Albertolli is doctor in law of the University of PARIS I, for his thesis «the pursuit of profits to be shared, element of any company”.

He was legal and tax adviser before becoming a lawyer at the PARIS bar.

He mainly practices business law, with a strong experience of the operations of creation or transfer of businesses, and for bringing together and restructuring any listed or private companies (mergers, splits, contributions of assets in exchange of shares).

He studies, develops and implements the various stages of the operations of acquisitions, sales or joint ventures, shareholders’ agreements, restructuring operations, negotiation and drafting of all commercial contracts.

He also advises and assists individuals or business directors in their declarative formalities and disputes with tax services.

Sylvain Cayre

Lawyer since 1998, Sylvain Cayre has a Diplôme de Juriste Conseil en Entreprises (DJCE), a DESS de Droit des Affaires et Fiscalité, as well as a DEA de Droit Privé Fondamental. He assists companies in the following fields:

  • Contracts (negotiation, drafting, pre-litigation and litigation management)
  • Civil Liability
  • Commercial litigation
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Competition

He also regularly intervenes in the field of Medical Liability and Building Law.

Julien Chauviré

Lawyer since 1994, former member of the Conseil de l’Ordre, Julien Chauviré essentially intervenes in the fields of criminal liability and industrial accidents.

He applies his competence and experience in these fields for the benefit of companies and their managers, whether it be in the context of criminal litigation management, advice prior to litigation or professional training.

He also intervenes in the field of Media Law on the Press as well as Construction Law.

Vincent Collier

Vincent Collier is a lawyer at the PARIS bar since 1999, with a master’s degree (DEA) in private law (at the Paris X – Nanterre University).

He works in business law, his expertise ranging from the functioning of companies to the contracts or commercial disputes, along with mergers or business acquisitions.

His other main activity is to advise companies or individuals in labor law (employment contracts, organization of the working time and functioning of representative institutions of staff, dismissals for personal or economic motives, and out of court settlements).

Finally, he assumes any representation in the labor or commercial courts.

Jacques Desmoineaux

Jacques Desmoineaux is lawyer, in Paris Bar, since 2003, specialist in Tax and Customs Law.

He advises companies in tax law, in national and international field, with pragmatism and added value.

He initiated his professional carrer as civil servent, in the French IRS as Tax Inspector, before joining Framatome Group (Areva) Industrial group in the nuclear energy sector as director of taxation.

In 2001, he was appointed as Director of International Taxation of French company Sanofi, leader of pharmaceutical sector.

Jacques Desmoineaux has been Lecturer Teaching assistant at the American University of Washington DC and he’s actually Lecturer in the University of Paris Dauphine since January 2007, in charge of teaching the international taxation of Paris: Master managerment of heritage and private banking.

Jennifer Douieb

Jennifer Douieb is lawyer in Paris Bar, since 2010, specialised in Tax and patrimonial tax system.
She supports legal advice and tax consultancy services to corporate and private clients about international mobility question.

She has a master in international tax law from the University of Paris XII, and a master in Commercial law, from Montreal University (Canada).
She teaches international tax law at the Paris-Dauphine University.

Laurent Filluzeau

Laurent Filluzeau is a Lawyer at the PARIS bar since 1990, with a master’s degree (DESS) in business and taxation law (at the “Université de Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne”/Association Nationale des Conseils juridiques).
He practices primarily in business law, at all stages of the companies’ life, and of their associates and directors.

He participates in the creation of all legal structures, their development or restructuring, in the negotiation of contracts related to the legal processes or commercial activities of companies.

He devotes an important part of its activity for bringing together or transferring all businesses in all their forms, at all stages from the letter of intent till the performance of the guarantees of liabilities.

He is responsible for legal courses on subjects such as «legal and taxation processes» and «the letter of intent and the memorandum of understanding» in the seminar called «purchase of business – tools to succeed» organized by the CRA training course, professional training organization named the ‘Sellers and business buyers’ Association (

He also contributes to the collective work: ‘Give or take over a business’ practical guides for all – Editions PRAT.

His other main activity is the advice and assistance of individuals or business managers in their tax formalities, disputes with the tax authorities, the study and implementation of all modes of transmission of heritage.

Maxime Filluzeau

Lawyer at the PARIS bar, with a master’s degree (Master II) in multimedia and computing law (at Paris II Panthéon Assas) and with a master’s degree (Master II) in criminal law and criminal procedure (at Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense Nanterre), Maxime Filluzeau advises and assists companies and individuals in business law (incorporation of companies, approval of accounts…), drafting of contracts (commercial leases, terms of use, terms and conditions of sale or services…).

He is also involved in litigation law and proceedings (debt collection, contractual breaches, rescissions or terminations of commercial relations…) as well as in criminal business law (fraud, abuse of confidence, abuse of social assets) at all stages of procedures (police custody, examining judge trial, criminal court).

José-Michel Garcia

Paris and Madrid Bar Specialized in Corporate Law

José-Michel Garcia provides advice in corporate law, particularly in mergers and acquisitions, LBO, as well as commercial litigation, with a pragmatic approach of the law. He also provides advice to Spanish companies working in the French market, for their installation as well as during their development activities.

He is director of the Spanish Official Chamber of Commerce in France.

He is also one of the few lawyers specialized in Media Law, having a leading edge expertise of the media industry, in both economic and legal ways.

Sandra Kleitz

Holding a Master 2 from the Strasbourg University, Sandra Kleitz is member of the Paris Bar since 2013 and joined Antelis in 2018.

She provides advice in Labour Law for French and Spanish companies in order to find solutions customized to their needs, particularly regarding the hiring of employees et the negotiation of employment contracts breaches, the negotiation of collective agreements and the election of employees’ representatives, as well as regarding possible litigations.

Emmanuelle Kraemer

Holding a Master 2 of Theory y practice of judicial process from Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne University and a Master 2 of Economic Public law from Paris II Pantheon Assas University, Emmanuelle Kraemer is a member of the Paris Bar since 2014 and joined Antelis in 2016.

She provides advice in Labour Law for French and Spanish companies in order to find solutions customized to their needs, particularly regarding the hiring of employees et the negotiation of employment contracts breaches, the negotiation of collective agreements and the election of employees’ representatives, as well as regarding possible litigations.

Michaëla Schreiber

Michaëla Schreiber is a lawyer admitted to the Paris Bar since 2014. Regarding her background, she holds a Master Degree in Business and Tax Law (in partnership with HEC School of Management) as well as a Master Degree in Banking and Financial Law from Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne University. Fluent in French and English, she holds a law degree from Fordham Law School in New York in Banking, Corporate and Finance Law. She joined ANTELIS in 2019.

She provides assistance and advice to companies, managers, entrepreneurs, group of companies, small businesses and middle-sized firms, on all legal issues related to Corporate, commercial and general business law (contract analysis and drafting, negotiation and management of commercial litigation, mergers and acquisitions,  LBOs, as well as corporate restructuring and insolvency proceedings). In her previous experiences, she assisted many clients in structuring and achieving their international transactions.

Céline Rouanet

Lawyer since 2000, Céline Rouanet assists companies and their managers on all legal questions related to Corporate and Commercial Law (contracts analysis and drafting, negotiation and management of commercial litigation, companies restructuring).

Regarding these companies’ development, she has a legal expertise on transfer operations (particularly on undertakings ‘transfers and acquisitions as well as LBO). Her knowledge of general corporate law allows her to assist companies during the whole operation.

Marie Desmoineaux

Corporate law specialized lawyer, Marie Desmoineaux assists companies during their business life.

After her master’s in law, she prepares the legal documentation (creation, transfer of registered office, increase and reduction of stock, liquidation, shares transfer …).

In addition, she prepares for corporate officers and individuals their return (individual income tax return : real estate tax return (IFI)

Corinne Jugues

Legal secretary

Pascale Peube

Paralegal specialized in Corporate Law

Dominique Renard

Paralegal specialized in Corporate Law

Holding a DESS in Corporate Law, she provides advice as a paralegal in Corporate Law.

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