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Antelis brings together the complementary skills of expert lawyers to assist companies and local authorities on a daily basis.

8 fields of expertise.
  • Corporate
  • Environment-Industry
  • Real estate-Construction
  • Public Law
  • Labour Law
  • Media
  • Criminal Law
  • Spain
Anne-Hélène Bochereau

Lawyer, with a Master 2 in Public Business Law, Anne-Hélne Bochereau started her career as a legal expert in a large project management and engineering firm specialized in land planning.

She is specialized in construction and Government contracts, and thus has worked extensively with negotiation tools.

She now serves professional clients, from the private and the public sector, advises and assists them during law suits, in the various fields of public business law, construction and real estate.

Sylvain Cayre

Lawyer since 1998, Sylvain Cayre has a Diplôme de Juriste Conseil en Entreprises (DJCE), a DESS de Droit des Affaires et Fiscalité, as well as a DEA de Droit Privé Fondamental. He assists companies in the following fields:

– Contracts (negotiation, drafting, pre-litigation and litigation management)

– Civil Liability

– Commercial litigation

– Bankruptcy and Insolvency

– Competition

He also regularly intervenes in the field of Medical Liability and Building Law.

Julien Chauviré

Lawyer since 1994, former member of the Conseil de l’Ordre, Julien Chauviré essentially intervenes in the fields of criminal liability and industrial accidents.

He applies his competence and experience in these fields for the benefit of companies and their managers, whether it be in the context of criminal litigation management, advice prior to litigation or professional training.

He also intervenes in the field of Media Law on the Press as well as Construction Law.

Marine Cecco

Holding a Master in Private Litigation and a Master in Private General Law from the Caen and Barcelona universities, Marine CECCO is a member of the Paris Bar since 2011 and joined Antelis in 2014.

She provides advice in Labour Law for French and Spanish companies in order to find solutions customized to their needs, particularly regarding the hiring of employees et the negotiation of employment contracts breaches, the negotiation of collective agreements and the election of employees’ representatives, as well as regarding possible litigations.

Jean-Pierre Coïc

Lawyer since 1990, Jean-Pierre Coïc has a DESS in Droit des Affaires et Fiscalité from the Université de Paris II / Assas and a DEA in Droit des affaires from the Université de Lyon III.

With a degree from the Institut de Droit des Affaires de Paris, Jean-Pierre Coïc intervenes in the contracts and liability fields.

He handles the contracts with a « customised » approach, both on national and international levels. He is regularly required to intervene during appraisals in the industrial sector.

Finally, he operates in the field of Construction Law, both at the contractual level as well as in the management of litigation and the follow-up of appraisals. He also intervenes in companies to carry out operations of training and assistance.

Astrid Ferré-Trezon

Lawyer since 2004, with a DESS in business litigation, Astrid Ferré-Trezon intervenes in all types of legal problems regarding companies, both as consultant and in litigation (negotiation and drafting of contracts, taking over of companies or businesses, renewal and disposal of commercial leases, relationships between associates).

She also assists the managers of companies in financial difficulty, regarding the prevention of financial problems and the procedures for financial recovery and legal liquidation.

José-Michel Garcia

Paris and Madrid Bar Specialized in Corporate Law

José-Michel Garcia provides advice in corporate law, particularly in mergers and acquisitions, LBO, as well as commercial litigation, with a pragmatic approach of the law. He also provides advice to Spanish companies working in the French market, for their installation as well as during their development activities.

He is director of the Spanish Official Chamber of Commerce in France.

He is also one of the few lawyers specialized in Media Law, having a leading edge expertise of the media industry, in both economic and legal ways.

Mickaël Macé

Holding a Doctorate in Private Law, Mickaël Macé started his teacher-researcher career at the University of Nantes by working on business contracts and intellectual property, and offered courses in Liability Law, Contract Law and Property Law…

While offering courses, Mickaël Macé provides advice to Companies, particularly in the fields of construction and insurance, and assists them during law suits: contract drafting, amicable or judicial survey, disputes regarding liability…

Céline Rouanet

Lawyer since 2000, Céline Rouanet assists companies and their managers on all legal questions related to Corporate and Commercial Law (contracts analysis and drafting, negotiation and management of commercial litigation, companies restructuring).

Regarding these companies’ development, she has a legal expertise on transfer operations (particularly on undertakings ‘transfers and acquisitions as well as LBO). Her knowledge of general corporate law allows her to assist companies during the whole operation.

Françoise Wheddon

Member of the Quebec Bar since 1999 and member of the Nantes Bar, Françoise Wheddon is specialized in insurance law, contract law and tort.

Having a double legal training, she provides advice regarding commercial trade between France and Canada.

She advises companies and represents them before the Quebec and French courts.

Sylvie Granda

Secretary at Antelis since 2016.

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